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Celebration of Excellence - Winners are the true heroes who make the difference!

Welcome to the Greatest Award Show 2022

One Stage Iconic Award 2022 is a small token of appreciation to honor businesses, places and people who are visionaries behind today's outstanding lifestyle. It is an attempt to honor the Achievers, Innovators and Leaders from the fields of food, nightlife, tours & travel, technology, fashion & apparel, luxury, designing, beauty & wellness, brands and products.

One Stage Iconic Award 2022 are proposed to be organized in Pune. The expected distinguished guest for the evening will be a famous personality.

One Stage Iconic Award 2022 is expected to be covered by renowned print and electronic media houses. The event will find place on diverse platforms including several news sites and social network websites. Additionally, the coverage of the award function would be uploaded on different social networking press release websites.

Journey Towards Success

Iconic Award Category

Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Restaurants - Lounge Bar - Hotel- Dance Studio - Fitness Center - Interior Designers - Architects


Please get in touch with us today if you don’t find your category, or would like to suggest a relevant one, or need more information or help in filing your nomination for the One Stage Iconic Award.

Selection Process

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